What happens in the warehouse…

An abandoned warehouse is always interesting. What was the warehouse used for? What all is still in the warehouse? Is it currently being used by anyone? Consider how your warehouse fits into your larger world. Consider how your character(s) will interact with the warehouse. Who are they there? Why are they exploring it?


This week’s prompt is:

Tell the story of your favorite character(s) exploring an abandoned warehouse. There’s so many directions to go! Maybe someone climbs on the roof of a warehouse to get away for awhile, and as they try to find a place to sit the roof falls in. They land on a stack of old dusty newspapers and books. An old printing warehouse! We can even go in a sci-fi direction. As our character picks up a dusty newspaper they can’t help but notice the date is July 4, 3045.  The options are endless. Get creative, work with your fellow writers to make something great!

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